Czechia in the arctic / The Arctic in Czechia

Czechia is located in Central Europe, but it is connected to the Arctic through its highest mountains. The Giant
Mountains National Park is home to the southernmost outpost of the Arctic-Alpine tundra biome. What exists now has been preserved, in a modified form, since the last ice age and the monitoring of long-term changes to this biome is part of worldwide scientific research.

While Czechia is not a very large country in terms of geographic size and its activities are more closely tied to the Central European region, it is also active in international fora concerned with the sustainable development of the Arctic. Czechia researches the Arctic ecosystem and, for this purpose, uses its scientific infrastructure in Svalbard.

Czechia has a deep and abiding interest in maintaining the Arctic as a zone of continued peace and international cooperation, as well as in reducing the negative impacts of human-induced climate change in the Arctic. Because of Czechia’s long-standing and continuing interest in the Arctic, it is applying for Observer Status in the Arctic Council.

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